Legends of Andor

​The King's Secret is the first digital adaptation of the popular Andor tabletop franchise.

Set in a timeframe between the plot of the base game and the add-ons, discover the secret of an old enemy with ties to the King of Andor.


Turn-based tabletop fun on mobile with a large fanbase.

Release Date

January 2019




Project Info

My role

​For Legends of Andor I was responsible for creating all of the VFX and directing the final ingame visuals. I also created a lot of dolly shots and most 3D environmental assets.


Therefore I also created the shaders and developed respective workflow pipelines to ensure a high visual quality of the game.

During the final stage of the project I also took care of finding performance bottlenecks, optimizing viuals and directing the rest of the art departments optimization work. ​


It was the last project I worked on as part of Daedalic Entertainment Bavaria.

Software used

Credit: Fesliyan Studios Background Music